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Friday, December 01, 2006

Project 0, from Lloyd

It is very sad to say that I dont have any idea about evolution because as far
as my belief is concern I dont consider that evolution is true. In our teaching
we believe that God created the heaven and earth and all the things that exist in
this world.Evolution put our heart away from God.
Hmmmm!!! But for the sake of Bio F I will try to open my mind and heart
about evolution.
As what I know EVOLUTION is a matter of change over time . It is a
modification of living things. For example human in evolution they believe that
man are from monkeys. They believe that the solar system is from big bang
theory. In evolution all the creatures in this world are distant cousin. I mean like
me and my cousin we are from one grandparents.
But if it is true that man is coming from monkey why until this day there are
monkeys? How life exist? How plants grow in systematic way? Who take care
of the animals and plants in wild? What are the reason why there is love if there
is no God who guide and love us?
The truth is as I wrote this assignment I feel exited to learn more. I feel
again the hunger in information.That's why I expecting this subject will help me
a lot to open my mind and heart in the theory of evolution. In the world of
scientific knowledge which I tried to denied for a very long time.


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