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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Project 0, from Riza

It is not easy or perhaps not possible, to know what precisely happened in the past. However, there are evidences and data gathered about the origin od evolution.
Based from what I've known about the theory of evolution way back. I have read that present day species of plants and animals evolved from other species that existed in the past.
If so, did humans also evolved from other species of animals? From here, Did we really come from the family of apes? Did man descend from the apes? These are the question that arouses my interest about evolution.
For me, Evolution is a process that results in heritable changes in a populution spread over many generations. It is also a belief that, multiplied millions of years ago, life began by natural causes from non-living matter, then gradually that original life changed till from it came all the modern kinds of plants and animals including man.
I'm a Christian and I don't believe in evolution it is not a reality. I believe
the biblical account of creation. God said; let there be light and there came the universe. I have nothing againts people who don't believe in Genesis. True Christian know Jesus Christ and have faith. Faith is being sure of what is hope for and certain of waht you cannot see. God made us to evolve. It is the only way a species to survive in a world of predators and bacteria.
I taught evolution in my class. I remember the little pictures of the apes going from the left to right, stand up taller and having less hair until it was recognizable man a very right hand side. I'll show that pictures but I explain that this is only a theory and not proven.
The origin of the species convinced most biologist that species are the products of evolution. Plants, animals and humans change over a long period of time through the process of evolution. There are many questions about how and why living things in the geological period have changed and why some of them have become extinct.
Changes in the traits and characteristics of organisms through long periods of time may lead to the change of the individual into new species.
Why is evolution measured in terms of geologic time? Does evolution imply gradual changes?
The geologic time scale is one of the longest time wise and supposedly represents the Earth's natural history. The surface of the earth has undergone many changes throughout history. Even today, changes continue to happen due to volcanic eruption,earthquakes, wind and rain. You may have seen or read about the changes in the geographic features of Central Luzon because of lahar depossit, farm, bridges and houses.
Livings things also died out or have change during the long period of the earth's existence. Plants and animals on the earth today are quite differrent from those that existed million of years ago.
It is interesting to know. However, that there are some animals that have changed very little. The cockroaches and horseshoe crab are two of such animals.
Some people speculate that we can believe both the Bible and evolution. Does evolution necessarily contradict the Bible? Can a person defend evolution and still be a faithful Christian? Various theories used to explain these and other observations on what idea that comes into their mind.


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