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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Project 0, from Remy

There are two contrasting views on how living things came into existence. One is on the religious point of view which is the creation and the other one is evolution. Evolution will always be credited to Charles Darwin, who produced scientific proofs and of course his famous book “The Origin of Species by means of Natural Selection.The natural Selection is the main or central theory that explains Evolution proposed by Charles Darwin. Based from what I remember this theory wasabout how organisms struggle for life,which was I tend to associate with the survival of the fittest.

Evolution as we all know is the process by which all living things have developed from simple organisms through changes occuring over a long period of time or possibly billion of years ago. This process occurs from the interaction of living things with its environment resulting to changes that includes adaptation.

According to the New International Websters Dictionary,evolution is a continuous change from simple to more complex form,the theory that all living things have changed in response to environment conditions by the natural selection of randomly occuring mutations,developing from simplest forms to complex forms which are more prolific and stronger due to their better adaptation to their environment.

Sincerely speaking,my idea of evolution is a result of how our professor presented/discussed and from printed materials such as book in Biology specifically in Bio A.And as part of my understanding,I perceive evolution as gradual changes ,all living things evolve from single cell and from this single cell living things developed and changes happen because of their needs they have to adapt to survive. In particular based from the evidences presented by the science of paleontology or by paleontologist, who study the life in the past through fossil remains ,we can be convinced that evolution really exists.. I was vividly showed that the fossils found were not exactly the same of what were found in modern times.

I will never forget our professor in Anthropology. He traced the evolution Of human ancestry in the evolution of vertebrates. He mentioned about species. This species evolved because they need to be fiited to the available environment resulted to the gradual changes of their anatomical structure.

Let say for example cancer, HIV, diabetes as part of evolution .Doctors and scientist discovered treatment or remedy for these kind of menase but another strain of virus evolve ,an example of this is dengue. Before we have malaria due to destruction of our virgin forest, mosquitoes carry virus are force to go to low land because of their habitat are destroyed by men caused by rapid deforestation. It is part of damages that everyone, every human being ,every living things in its surrounding. Every little thing evolves. Before you don’t see or hear it, now, it is a part of your/our daily life.

Culturally, some of our ancestors, those who are not religiously inclined tendsto believe that human beings originates from the apes. However why is it up to now there are apes such as monkey, gorillas, orangutan and others.. They should have been extinct by this time. If they are really origins of our ancestors. Through evolution changes in the physical,physiological characteristics of the apes are affected by its interaction with the environment. This was also discussed to us during college times .

Religious person like me tends to have some doubts about evolution,as Christianity teaches the creation of earth and all living things are done or created by Almighty God in a short period of time.

If evolution really happens, where did the first single form originate? Did this come from non living things or inorganic matter? What I know from Science is that living things originated from organic matter of living things also.

Cockroach as far as I know don’t have changes on its characteristics for a very long period of time which means it is not very much affected by changes on its environment which must have an effect on this particular species ,so why how come that that there are different changes for different species. Do some species have the capabilities to be stagnant?

Teaching evolution to a Christian country like Philippines is an important thing in the field of science. Evolution must be presented very carefully in such manner that it will not resulted to confusion but rather into more intellectual perception. This topic should be discussed based on the scientific explanation, facts and evidences. I can teach evolution in tracing the evolution of vertebrates on which human beings are included. It is very timely to discuss evolution in relation with anatomical structure or system of the human body. Children should realize how evolution important to us tt the same time creation as Christian people.


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