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Monday, December 04, 2006

Project 0, from Isabel

Many years had passed but until now, when we talk of evolution there were so many unanswered questions arises where actually our world begun.

There is a big conflict between Science & religion in discussing evolution. Sometimes I’ve been very much confused because I believed in God, the creature and science also do explain my questions and gave scientific facts but there were times also that even science can not explain. Religion has its own way of explaining the idea and science has also its own way.

When I was in my elementary grade during our Religion subject. I am very fond of listening to our teacher about the story on how God created the whole world including Adam and Eve for one Week. It really amazed me and thinks how powerful our creator to balance everything and made man as one of his special creations that will take good care of all the things that he made.

During my childhood years, the question on the chicken and egg which comes first is just a part of a simple discussion of the children but if we really think of it, we cannot easily explain its origin.

Times passed and my high school years gave me an idea on the evolution, one particular topic that gives an unended questions is the Charles Darwin’s Evolution of man. Like what I’ve said earlier that I am very amazed on the creation of God and then there is a subject that explains and give scientific facts where actually man originates. I understood that through a gradual changes happened in our environment, there is a new species that formed resulting from the changes from the ancestral forms. The illustration on the gradual changes on the features of man from ape to java up to the present shows and explains clearly the evolution. It is another theory that amazed me but the idea is very far from the ideas that I’ve got from my religion class in my elementary grade. They say that science and religion have a big conflict that’s why they are taught separately to eliminate conflicts. They have its own way of explaining things based on its own way of explaining things based on its own ideas

When I saw the movie Jurassic park, there were different species that are really unbelievable. I asked myself if it is really true. But based on the fossils that of those big animals, It gives us an idea that those animals are living millions of year ago. How long those big animals lived and how come that there were no creatures that are like them that are living today. How is it happened that people survived with those frightening creatures .

In our present times, there were times that we saw some organisms that are new to us. How is it formed? Where is it come from? The idea of evolution is not included in the elementary grade curriculum. Like me, in my elementary years. My pupils idea is just come from their religion teachers, but being their science teacher, even if it is not included in their curriculum, I will give them theories that will explain evolution.

Bio-E will help me a lot to gain more knowledge and ideas about evolution. I don’t want to be a page ahead of my pupils in explaining the topic. I am hoping that this subject will help me enlighten my mind about the evolution, so that I can share enough knowledge on my pupils even in their elementary years.


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