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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Thinking Spot 1

This is for all of us who cannot access the IVLE yet:

Module 1 thinking spot:

Why is evolution measured in Geologic time?

Does evolution imply gradual changes?

classmates, you are entering an intellectual mine field!
prepare to be challenged...!

The more the merrier

I was surprised that many of our classmates emailed me their Project 0 instead of posting them in the IVLE. It appears that many of us are still having IVLE problems. Anyway, those who have submitted by email I have taken the liberty of posting your papers in the IVLE. For the moment, let's use the blog for our online correspondence.

In line with this, I have sent our classmates the address for the blogsite. With this, I expect more of our classmates in the blog, eh?

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Talking glossary!

Guess what I found? A Talking Genetics Glossary courtesy of the National Institutes of Health in US. It was created specially for laypersons who have little background on genetics, suffice to say I believe it would be a great help for us Biology teachers. You will need to download Real Player to play the files.


there are nice illustrations, too!

IVLE boards up and running!

Hi classmates,

the IVLE boards are now up and running! see you there...

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Welcome to our class blogsite!

Hi classmates!

Wecome to BIO E and welcome to our class blogsite!

I've put up this blog so that everyone can still discuss if and when the IVLE bogs down (like today!) I'll write a short introductory note or the questions for the week and then you can post your comments and answers to this original thread. I will be the only one authorized to make threads but everyone can comment.

To be able to comment, first you have to create your own account. So that it will be easy to remember, please put in your real name or nickname and use a password that is easy for you to recall. Then, you can add a picture so that everytime you post, your picture comes up with your posting, giving it a more "face-to-face" feel.

You can comment as often as you want, I hope at least once a week.

When the IVLE comes back on, I'll be posting the class questions in the IVLE but we can still use this board for "chika" purposes :)

Best regards,